Coonoor&Co is a contemporary online journal about slow, sensorial and sustainable living and a lifestyle store for artisanal creations.

Our origins are in the mountains of southern India, and our ethos is rooted in over a decade of lived experience and deep engagement with the landscapes and communities here.

Our stories and visuals are inspired by the authenticity of living deeply, invoking slowness—which is not necessarily living at a slow pace but a mindful deceleration from a hurried existence. Published twice a year, each issue of the Coonoor&Co Journal delves into reflections, dialogues, and stories sparked by the subtleties of everyday existence and distinctive outlooks on themes such as community, wellness, culture, nature, and sustenance. We aim to foster a deeper connection with the Nilgiris, drawing inspiration from its mountains while weaving stories that echo the global principles of Slow Living, sustainability, and the interconnectedness of life, both within India and beyond.