I received my first Toda stole as a precious gift. Indeed, it was a gift in more ways than one! It’s a capsule of what efforts Ramya Reddy and the team have put into the project. It’s light on the shoulder and doubles up as a dupatta. I carry it with me on all my trips. Cool when it’s warm. Warm when it’s cold. It’s a comforter set on centuries of love, wisdom and, joy. It’s not just a stole. For me, it’s a celebration.

Heta Pandit


What a delight to wear this beautifully crafted stole. It’s nothing but exquisite and meticulous embroidery by the toda women. I absolutely love it ❤️

Sudha Sivakumar


Love love love my new acquisition! Elegant and chic, light and breezy, this artisanal masterpiece captures the spirit of the Nilgiris. The meticulously embroidered red and black motifs are magnificently presented on a delicate cloud-like base of the finest cotton wool suitable for every climate and every occasion.

Suman Tohani


As an internationally travelling person and Ex Global Senior Vice President
for Fashion Sourcing for a global brand, I love indigenous artistry, and to finally hold a product that you know comes from a transparent supply chain is sheer joy. One can feel the energy of the Toda women who embroidered this under a tree in their ancestral land. Telling their stories with now, hope.

As a consumer, the soft drape of the fabric and the exquisite delicate embroidery is a match made in heaven. I can easily carry this all around the world and dress up or dress down according to my choice.

Thank you Coonoor & Co for creating these masterpieces and bringing value and meaning to what we wear and therefore how we feel by making choices like these ❤️

Looking forward to more

Saritha Hegde


Totally loved the beautiful piece of wearable art . From the personalised note to the packing – everything carried so much love and warmth . A way to support the artisans , the art and the community – through stunning unique wearable art.

Thirupurasundari sevvel

Issue IV: Roots

In this issue, we explore the many facets of the theme “Roots”, encompassing seasonal symbolism, the practical reality of wintering underground, tales of provenance, heart and origin, and the natural world. We take a descent—to the very roots of things felt, said and unsaid, of love, devotion, wisdom, stories, of ecosystems and landscapes.

Our contributors for this edition are Pranoy Biswas, Vasanth Bosco, Sanath Herath, Lal Poster, Raghavendra Rao, Shivranjana Rathore, Ramya Reddy, Pankaj Singh, and Nikhita Venugopal

Issue III : Gathering

Gathering, is inspired by a time of year which is about the bringing together of people, memories, traditions, reflections, gifts, food, stories and so much more. Celebration or contemplation, gratifying spaces to visit, reflective actions that provide us deeper meanings hidden among thoughts and things that are otherwise scattered –– these are the multitude of emotions embraced as we read through. 

Our contributors for this edition are Deepika Arwind, Pranoy Biswas, Rupali Goel, Ayush Kejriwal, Jenny Pinto, Raghavendra Rao, Ramya Reddy, Toshi Singh, Madhura Srinivas, Shruti Tharayil, Qutbuddin Travadi and Sharmila Vaidyanathan.

Issue II : Monsoon Reflections

Monsoon Reflections showcases the many moods of human experience and of the season. It contains inspiring images of natural beauty and moving glimpses into many different walks of life, including our first long interview.

Our contributors for this edition are Urvashi Bahuguna, Pranoy Biswas, Saritha Hegde, AJ Mallari, Sharanya Manivannan, Valli Muthuraman, Raghavendra Rao, Ramya Reddy and Prabhu Viswanathan.

Issue I : Summer Slowness

Summer Slowness is all about the Indian summer. You’ll find reflections on slow living, longing for rain and for the mountains, the pleasure of scents and books – and more – in the words, images, videos and music curations that we have to offer.

Our contributors for this edition are Ramya Reddy, Sharanya Manivannan, Raghavendra Rao, Pranoy Biswas, AJ Mallari and Varshini Chandrashekar.