Our cushion covers spotlight the masterful GI-tagged Toda hand embroidery, introducing a vintage art form into contemporary home decor. Crafted on traditionally used cotton fabric, these covers epitomize/embody the meticulous skill and precision of the Todas’ artistry. This stunning, intricate design includes ancient and contemporary Toda motifs with accents of navy blue. Each piece is a work of art that pays tribute to the enduring craftsmanship of the Toda community, marrying cultural heritage with modern aesthetics and enhancing your living spaces.

Packed with love in a reusable cotton dust bag. Care card included.

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The indigenous Toda women from the Nilgiris are renowned for their distinctive, GI-tagged black and red embroidery. Inspired by nature, the pukhoor (motif) embroidery follows the base cloth’s warp and weft thread count, with artisans counting the threads with their fingers by merely stretching the material as they work.

For over two years, we have been working with senior Toda women artisans to reimagine their traditional art form with a modern aesthetic on sustainable fabrics and in new formats. Our goal has been to showcase the exquisite beauty of this rare art form to a contemporary and aesthetically driven audience. This journey is ongoing, and we remain committed to sharing this unique art form with those who appreciate it.

100% Cotton exterior with Kora lining and zip closure


  • Hand wash only: To preserve the quality and craftsmanship of the embroidery, gently hand wash the cushion covers in cold water
  • Use mild detergent
  • Do not bleach
  • After washing, reshape the cushion cover and lay it flat to dry to preserve the original shape
  • Iron on low on the reverse, or place a cloth between the iron and the embroidered surface to protect the detailed work


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